Excellence in mobile healthcare

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People who deliver healthcare rarely sit at a desk for long; being able to access information on the move is essential. This award recognises the role that technology plays in facilitating mobile working for healthcare staff and rewards initiatives that use mHealth to improve services for patients.



Horizon Strategic Partners


MicroGuide is a web services framework developed to enable medical organisations to create, edit and public antimicrobial guidance to mobile devices, so clinicians always have the latest guidance available at the point of care. Since it was launched in 2013, some 60 medical organisations have subscribed and 56,000 clinicians have downloaded the app onto Android or Apple devices.


Highly Commended

Nervecentre and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust


  • Blithe Computer Systems Ltd
  • Horizon Strategic Partners Ltd
  • Isosec Ltd. and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Mobizio
  • Nervecentre Software & Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • St Andrew's and Comtact Healthcare